New Ford F-150 – The World Needs a Better Pickup

Ford has a newly redesigned and updated F-150 Pickup Truck

On the evening of June 25,2020 the Ford Motor Company released a new 2021 F-150 pickup to the world. While it was touted as a press reveal early on, the new F150 Release Event was for one and all, which of course makes reporting on this new pickup somewhat stale after the fact, but here it goes

This new Pickup’s virtual reveal was well done, as are all of Ford’s events, it showed how the F150 has stepped up its game to meet today’s needs. While we know the design was done long before everyone went into quarantine for the Covid-19 pandemic, the design is sure timely.

The F-150 Is the Only Tool You Will Need

F-150 pickups have always been a part of the building of something.

The new 2021 Ford F-150 is the Swiss Army Knife of trucks, a tool that you carry with you everywhere, and has a use for almost every situation. Almost more so than today’s modern mobile phone.

Onboard electric power generation is available on the new F-150

The new F-150 may be the answer to eliminating carrying all that extra gear. You can now have a electric power generator on board to run those power tools. A communications command center with the built in Internet connectivity.

The cabin is completely redesigned with more comfort, technology and functionality for truck customers along with more premium materials, more color choices and more storage. Shown here is the interior of the all-new F-150 Limited.

Truly a Pod truck, one you can work in, sleep in, eat in, store your gear in, get power from, communicate to the world from, and so much more. And all in great style. While the exterior design has not changed a whole lot, the interior has become much more useful in today’s modern world. And that is a very good thing, Pandemic or not, a pickup is the center of the universe for many who use it for work and play.

Close The Door and The F-150 Becomes a Cocoon

F-150 has included a new work surface over the center console.

The most noticeable feature of course is the available new 12-inch center screen, while those have become huge in recent years with more information, Ford has taken it to a new level with its SYNC® 4 system. There is so much more now to their connected vehicle system, that could be a future column in itself. Just know that Ford’s connected systems is a leader that rivals and outshines what any other manufacturer offers.

Under rear seat storage in the Ford F-150

Work in your Truck? As many people do, and it is not just a phone call or some paperwork, it is a full out laptop. Ford has made that easier with a new work surface that covers the center console. Sleep in your Truck? Well plenty of people do for a quick nap or for a full-nights rest. Now the two front seats fully recline, and the seat cushion rises so that those seats turn into sleeping beds. Store stuff in your Truck? With spacious under rear seat storage, you can store tools and equipment, materials, or make it into a clothing dresser.

F-150 On the Outside

Ford has boldly emblazoned the F-150

While the overall design does not look remarkably different, Ford has said that all exterior body panels have been updated. Still using the Military Grade All Aluminum body, which of course does not come cheap. We found that being inside an aluminum body Ford Truck during a rain storm is very different, with the pinging noises of the raindrops hitting the roof. We expect that the new pickup will have added sound insulation, but will only be able to tell that when we get to drive one in a rain storm.

Power-train Options Expand

F-150 offers a powerful Hybrid power-train name PowerBoost.

For years pickup trucks have been powered by petroleum, be it gasoline or diesel fuel. Well add the Powerboost hybrid power to that mix and you get the benefit of electric and fossil fuel power along with improved fuel economy and the benefits of having a rolling electric power station to power those plug in items that out in the field there is no where to plug into.

While nothing was released about an all electric pickup, Ford alluded to that being very much in the future. Which makes sense as others are already showing prototypes of fully EV pickups that will be in the marketplace in the near future.

When, Where, and How Much

The Ford 5-150 for 2021 will go on sale later this year.

Where? The Local Ford Dealer. All the rest of those questions were not answered. But we expect a forth quater date for when they will be avaialble and Ford’s pickup truck prices have never been cheap, so expect a hefty sum. Remember you get what you pay for. if you want technology and more, it is not going to come cheap. We look forward to a future drive opportunity, which we will share with you, our Queer4Cars audience when it happens.

Words by William West Hopper, Images by Ford Media

William West Hopper, VIP Tour Guide at the 2019 Washington DC Auto Show. Photo by Bonnie M. Moret
William West Hopper, VIP Tour Guide at the 2019 Washington DC Auto Show. Photo by Bonnie M. Moret

William West Hopper is a long time automotive enthusiast who has been writing about cars and truck for thirty-plus years. President Emeritus of the Washington Automotive Press Association, he has helped other members of the media become better acquainted with the industry. As a past leader of several automotive enthusiast organizations, he has put on events for automotive consumers including the Annual LGBTQ Family Event at the Washington DC Auto Show. Mr. Hopper lives in Washington DC, and drives any number of vehicles, including an electric car.


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