Give ‘Em What They Want – 2022 Infiniti QX55 AWD

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What is it that modern drivers want?  A crossover that has luxury touches and a stylish look, a capable vehicle that meets today’s families needs without any hassle.  A car that makes a statement and makes you smile every time you drive it. And a dealership experience that is customer-centric. Infiniti has done all of that that with the all-new 2022 QX 55.

The interior is spacious with plenty of room for up to five passengers and their cargo. While this is not a 3-row SUV, which seem immensely popular right now, this is a two-row crossover. And why do I say crossover?  It is not big and tall and ready to take on off-road trails, even though it has all-wheel drive. The QX55 is quite ready to take your family on an extended road trip along with their gear and keep everyone comfortable in any row.

The Infiniti QX55 in Dynamic Sunstone Red

We got to spend a week in this QX55 in Sensory Trim equipped AWD, decked out in dynamic sunstone red a $900 upgrade option with the Graphite semi aniline leather interior. Check out our Queer4Cars YouTube Channel and our friends at Gas Guzzler Review’s YouTube channel, to find out more about this vehicle.

While most people have the impression that Infiniti vehicles are not much more than an up badged Nissans, and in recent years, it has seemed that way. This QX55 is profoundly changing that image. The QX55 is saying quite clearly “Here I am, look at me, I am new, I am pretty, and I am ultra-capable.” With the All-Wheel-Drive, and it drives and handles quite well, so drivers as well as passengers will be very pleased inside the vehicle as they are with the overall flowing looks of the QX55.

Exterior Design

Infiniti QX55 Left Rear Side
The QX55’s four-door coupe lines are flowing and easy to look at. Chrome details are minimal and add to the look of this crossover.

This is one fabulously designed crossover. The first thing you notice when you walk up to this QX55, is the attractive exterior design, flowing and sensual, but still with bulges in all the right places. It is designed in that coupe-like style that the Germans began showing more than a decade ago. While the proportions always seemed out of scale with the European brands, Infiniti has done a great job with the overall design, inside and outside, with the QX55. All of the parts of this car relate to all the rest of the car. The QX55 has just enough in all the right spots, and not too much where it does not belong. Though when i first sat in the driver’s seat I thought the bulging power domes were a tad too big on the hood.

Infiniti QX 55 Front Grill
The outboard power domes on the hood of the QX55 give it a muscular and powerful look. Notice the flowing design of the grill with the oragami inspired design.

The Grill has a tasteful flame like origami design within it, providing the perfect backdrop for the brand logo, which works as a sensor for the Pro-PILIOT Assist, and the active cruise control, as well as other front facing safety systems. The full LED headlamps have an “eye” design with an internal string of cube lamps and reflectors. Plus the LED fog lamps and DRL all integrate well and stand out when they need to.

Infiniti QX55 Left Side Vent hole
A decorative touch of chrome is just enough with this front fender chrome touch.
Infiniti QX55 rear hatch
The rear spoiler has a nice look with its integrated high stop light.

Aerodynamics are clearly seen in the side design of this cross over flowing from hood to hatch. A design element that has bothered me in other brand’s exterior designs, the chromed goo-gahs at the base of the A-pillar, on the QX55 they blend nicely into the design. The large sliding glass roof provides plenty of light, and when open fresh air without a lot of drumming noise.

I really liked the integrated spoiler at the top of the hatch rear window, and the tail lights provide plenty of visibility. Even the rear hatch release is designed to blend in. Or you may use your key, or kick under the vehicle to open and close the hatch.


Infiniti QX55 Variable compression engine cover
VC-Turbo on the plactic engine cover of the QX55 stands for variable compression turbo. for this 2-litre engine.
Infiniti QX55 Fuel Economy gauge
With a combination of city, higway, and country road driving, we averaged just 25 miles per gallon.

The variable compression or VC 2.0-litre turbo charged engine producing 268 horsepower and 280 foot pounds of torque mated to Infiniti’s Intelligent all-wheel drive, was not intrusive, and provided a solid feel on the road. I would have expected better fuel economy overall. It did fine on highway, with the transmission set in Eco drive mode, I was seeing low 20’s topping out at just 25 MPG, and provided enough power on 91 octane gasoline.

Even with the Infiniti Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive the turning radius of the vehicle was very good. Giving you a solid feeling knowing that you have all four wheels providing traction.

Direct adaptive steering worked with the ProPILOT Assist providing semi-autonomous operation on the highway, using the intelligent Cruise Control with full speed range, stop and hold.  Meaning you could take your hands of the wheel. Not that I support that idea, a driver should be in control of the vehicle, not a computer.

Infiniti QX55 Engine with cover removed
Remove the decorative plastic engine cover and you get to see the working parts of the QX55’s engine

Interior Design

Infiniti QX Drivers Seat
The comfortable driver’s seat has inserts of suede like material with the semi-aniline leather seating.

The interior is spacious with plenty of room for up to five passengers and their cargo. Everything on this car is where you want it to be. The front and rear seat fit American derrières well. Controls and gauges are within reach for the driver. Infiniti provides a simple and clear Heads Up Display, HUD, which provides speed and posted speed limit information right in front of the driver. A big plus in today’s busy world when you do not want your eyes to leave the road.

Infiniti QX55 Rear Seats with Center Arm Rest down
The center console dash screen has 2 screens, while I am not a big fan of screens, these are not intrusive, and provide plenty of information for driver and entertainment options for the passenger. There are no screens for rear passengers. USB and 12v power outlets are around the car, the one thing I did miss is that there is no wireless device charging pad, something I have found very useful. Plug in your device to a cord and connect to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as well as charge, but that is just one more wire that we really don’t need.
Two center displays, a more traditional gear shifter and two USB outlets are all easily accessible. Just no wireless charging pad for mobile devices.

The center console dash screen has 2 screens, neither are intrusive, and provide plenty of information for driver and entertainment options for the passenger. There are no screens for rear passengers. USB and 12v power outlets are throughout the car, the one thing I did miss is the lack of a wireless device charging pad. Instead you use a cord to plug in your device to charge or connect to Android Auto and Apple Carplay. One more wire that we really don’t need.

Infiniti QX55 rear seats slid forward
The rear seats slid forward provide for a space that things will migrate into. Moving the seats forward give you more cargo area in the rear.

Interior space is comfortable and spacious for four passengers, five if you need that extra rear center seat. Seating surfaces are well crafted, stylish to look at. And those seats are comfortable, with the semi-aniline leather-appointed seating. The interior LED lighting is well done, especially the accent light around the car. In the back you will find comfortable rear seats that have manual forward and aft adjustability, and each offer a manual recline feature as well as a fold flat function. While the rear seat slide was more to provide a tad extra cargo space in the way-back, as opposed to putting one of the 60/40 rear seat backs down, moving the rear seats forward is not going to be used much for adults, as the rear seating area does not have a lot of legroom to begin with. It will provide for more cargo space. Though with kids, it may provide a new final resting place for that lost French Fry, or beloved toy. 

Infiniti QX55 cargo with 6 foot ladder
A six-foot ladder fits in the cargo area, with the right front seat moved up just a tad.

The Six-foot ladder Test – It passes with minimal movement of the right front seat. You can haul things, as I loaded up a bunch of plants from my garden for a buddy, and there was plenty of room for them in the cargo area. As there will be for luggage, items from the big box store, even a dog crate if need be.

Infiniti QX55 in red with plants in the cargo space
The cargo space is plentiful and roomy. Even the rear seats slide forward to increase cargo space.
Infiniti QX55 under rear cargo floor
There are places to hide valuables under the rear cargo floor, which is always nice if you have laptops or other items of value you do not want seen by outsiders.

And plenty of cargo space, and what I always like, is there places to hide valuables in a car. And yes, under the cargo floor in the rear towards the front, you will find a spot that if you need to put something where no one will ever find it, there is a place.

Driving Experience

First impression is holding the Infiniti intelligent key with remote push button ignition. While some folks like a little heft in their key fob, others want it to be light to carry in your pocket. This one is just that, feather light, and not flashy.

Driving the QX55 feels comfortable and effortless. This crossover feels more sports sedan like, providing the driver with a good connection to the road. Let us just say, it is a fun car to drive.

Infiniti QX55 Front on with boats in the background

The variable compression direct injection engine is a tad noisy, even with the acoustic front window glass and active noise cancellation. Infiniti could have added a bit more sound deadening to this one.  After a while, I got used to it. Even slamming the doors, you heard a tinny sound, which means it could use more sound deadening insulation in the door panels. This model had several drive modes, Eco is for fuel economy and provide pithy performance, Sport provided a good response and plenty of performance.


  • QX55 Luxe AWD $46,500
  • QX55 Essential AWD $51,600
  • QX55 Sensory AWD $57,050

Pricing does not include delivery or destination charges, nor any discounts you may be able to get through buying services, or dealer markups. – Infiniti makes pricing pretty transparent with little options, and just packages to select. All trim levels of the QX55 feature AWD.

Infiniti History

Infiniti was one of those, look at me, here I be, vehicles when it came to the US Shores in 1989 to shake up the car world for the 90s.  And it did not really look like the other cars out there. Actually, their Q-ships had a strikingly handsome sedan look, while the ovalesque egg shaped J30 sedan was a love or hate affair.  Infiniti was relying on sister Nissan for its rebadged SUVs back then.   That was until they came up with their own stand-out designs.

Infiniti FX 2003 model
The early Infiniti SUV modles like this 2003 FX stood out for their rounded looks, a rarity at the time for SUVs. Photo from Infiniti media archives.

Some may remember the breakout FX models that came out almost two-decades ago. Game changers for their bold and bombastic design.  Big and brute like, they created quite a sensation. –   Now here we are in 2022 and the QX55 is the next rendition of a long history of handsome Infiniti vehicles.

Things I Like About the QX55

Infiniti Q55 rear view camera display
You can set the rear camera display to show right along the right or left side of you, so you do not scrape your wheels on the curb.
  • Reverse tilt down heated mirrors.
  • Motion activated liftgate – for when you have your hands full.
  • Heated Steering wheel for those cold winter mornings.
  • Remote Entry Start.
  • All around monitor with moving object detection.
  • Real Wood interior trim.
  • The Bose 16-speaker performance series audio system.

Things I was not fond of were few and somewhat easy to get over due to the overall likeability of this car. The around town fuel economy was one, the dullness of the ECO Drive mode, and of course the lack of a wireless charger for mobile devices.

Overall Thoughts

In the end, if you don’t smile when you walk up to or away from you car, you bought the wrong car. This QX55 is one that will make you smile.  Yes it does have some shortfalls, though in the end, it is a good car for a single person or a family. Is it something I would buy?  The answer is YES, I really liked this car and was sad to hand it over at the end of the week that I got to review it.

Words and Images by William West Hopper

William West Hopper and the Infiniti QX55
William West Hopper and the Infiniti QX55 with the social media frame and hashtag DemandCenterStage

Mr. Hopper is immediate past President of the Washington Automotive Press Association and has been active in automotive topics since a young man. He has been an avid auto-crosser, road track racer and loves driving off-road. You will find him on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and elsewhere in the digital universe. He lives with his husband of 37 years and three cats in Washington DC.


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