HUMMER EV – Super Truck or Electric Bro-Dozer?

The Real DCCarGuy talks about the new all-electric Hummer pickup from GMC

Big, Big, BIG

The first thing you think of when you see the Hummer EV from GMC is that is one big truck. A granola-crunching neighbor thought of it as ugly; others just said,” Cool, you’re driving a Hummer this week.” Basically, guys loved this truck, while the ladies thought it was a lumbering slob.

The review vehicle GMC sent to me was the Hummer EV Edition 1 Pickup Truck, which displayed a lot of options, from the acrylic removable roof panels to the electric sliding tonneau cover over the bed. And classic GMC touches throughout the vehicle. While, at first, I was skeptical, by the end of the week, I did not want to let it go.

Outside of it is pure classic Hummer Design, very militaristic looking, rectangular, and boxy. This one was quite modern with lots of details, like the numerous LED lights; even the headlights indicated the charging level while the truck was plugged in. It still had a classic Hummer vibe.

Side steps help you get up and into the truck for both the front and rear seat passengers. Though I did want the left front step to be about 5 inches longer, where I wanted to put my foot into the driver’s seat was not where it felt comfortable to step.


The interior of the Hummer EV Pickup is much like any GMC vehicle.

Hummer Pickup it is not a whole lot different on the inside from other GMC products, and upscale feel with lots of technology, including Google onboard. Through interactive parts like the texts to speech seemed clunky and slow to react, which was odd since I was using an Android. This model had comfortable seats, a large center console, and a large center screen. The driver’s dash display was a very one-dimensional screen and somewhat configurable. Lots of real switches as well as touchscreen points for controlling the various aspects of the truck.

Being an Edition 1, this pickup had four removable tinted clear acrylic roof panels. I found them to be noisy at speed, with both wind noise and a bit of a rattle. They needed a sunshade, or you really need to have a ball cap on with a good bill to deflect the direct sunlight. I am sure you could add additional tint to them at an aftermarket shop.  

This is a four-door pickup, as most are these days, with a fold-up second-row seat so you can load cargo into the back. In the back of the rear seats are very tiny storage compartments that may be fine for something small but do not seem useable.

Bed Space

It took us a bit to figure out the very simple and small buttons on the left rear of the bed to open and close the electrically operated tambor tonneau cover. Surprisingly enough, when the cover is open, it did not take up much room in the bed. In classic GMC Style, the tailgate opens into a step with a grab pole to step up into the bed. While this is a big truck, the bed is rather small at five-foot. Most buyers of this pickup will not be using it to carry long items other than maybe bicycles, and if the optional full-size spare tire is in the bed, it will take up even more room.

Ultium Power

The Hummer EV is the first full-electric vehicle in GMC’s portfolio that is powered by the new Ultium battery system. This full-battery electric vehicle with General Motors’s Ultium 24-module battery system provides 300-plus miles of range on a full charge. This is the largest EV Battery combination on the market. GM has come up with a large-format pouch-style battery where the cells can be stacked vertically or horizontally inside the battery pack. The Hummer EV features a 24-module pack with two layers of vertical cell modules. Ultium is also the first to use wireless battery management to maintain the charge balance within the battery cells providing optimal performance and longevity.

The battery packs themselves use 70 percent less cobalt than in previous EV batteries and are made with state-of-the-art nickel, cobalt, manganese, and aluminum (NCMA) chemistry. The packs are mounted low within the chassis giving an excellent center of gravity. The Hummer EV drives well because of that. It is also ideal for off-road with a short front overhang and break-over angle.

What is Ultium?

It is the name of General Motors’ EV Battery Powered Vehicle power source.  A leader in the fastest 350-kilowatt DC fast charging for its batteries with the ability to switch from the native 400-volt to 800-volts for charging. The Ultium enables the battery pack to switch from parallel to series charging, allowing it to add 100 miles of range with ten minutes of charging.

DC fast charging

Having a DC Fast Charger handy is important because even on a Level 2 charger, this Hummer will take some time to charge.

While most EV drivers charge at home using their 120-volt (Level One) regular household outlet or 240-volt (Level Two) electric dryer, window air conditioner, or electric stove outlet, which runs on AC or alternating current. DC relates to Direct current. Ultium batteries have the ability to take advantage of the fastest 350-kilowatt DC fast chargers.

The charging system is also designed to support legacy 400-volt charging infrastructure without needing a converter box or other accessories, allowing HUMMER EV to use various charging stations.

Direct Current (DC) Fast charging with 800-volt and 350-kilowatt capacity. These capacities are not always available at DC Fast chargers. DC Fast Chargers are where you pay to plug in. The vehicle will charge quicker when available, giving a 100-mile charge in 10 minutes. Much faster than you would get with a regular 1772 Level two charger, and I can say from experience a level one 120-v charge cord is not the best way to charge this truck. While the level one cord from a 3-prong outlet will provide power to the truck, does so at a very, very slow speed, giving trickle charge a whole new meaning.

Three Motors

Three-motor Ultium drive system provides 1000 horsepower and combined axle torque of 11,500 lb.-ft. This means you can put a lot of power into the big tires and do a zero to 60 in 3 seconds. What they call Watts to Freedom, I see it as WTF, which I am sure did not go unnoticed when Watts to Freedom was conceived.

Classic Hummer Logo with the EV stamp
Classic Hummer Logo with the EV stamp

2022 GMC HUMMER EV EDITION 1 Pickup Specifications

Torque (lb-ft.)11,500
GM-Estimated Final Combined Driving Range329 miles
Towing (lbs.)7,500
Payload (lbs.)1,300

Overall Thoughts?

2023 Hummer EV Pickup with a Cirus Jet

Crab Walk and zero to 60 in 3 seconds are just some things you won’t find on your ICE pickup. Like any EV, one-pedal driving with regeneration on demand are electrically powered vehicle staples. While its short bed may not be bringing the four by eight sheets of plywood home without hanging off the tailgate. This is one very impressive Electric Pickup Truck.

This is not going to be the pickup truck found in everyone’s driveway. Though, for those who want one and have the funds to spend, as well as the nearby DC Fast Charger; it will be a great truck. Personally, when it arrived, I was a NO. By the end of the week that I had it, I did not want to let it go. A couple of buddies of mine felt the exact same way about it.

Would I buy one? Actually, yes. I liked it well enough, even with its little oddball squeaks and rattles, that it made me fall in love with pickup trucks again.

William West Hopper VIP Tour Guide at the 2023 Washington DC Auto Show
William West Hopper VIP Tour Guide at the 2023 Washington DC Auto Show

Words and Images by William West Hopper

Mr. Hopper has been a long-time automotive enthusiast who is sought after for his knowledge. You may find him judging at a concours d’elegance, classic and vintage vehicles, or giving tours at an auto show of today’s latest technology-filled ones. You will find him on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, as well as on two YouTube Channels, The Real DCCarGuy and Queer4Cars.


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