Mustangs and Kool Stuff

A few years ago, we attended a weekend event of Mustang Lovers at the team’s invitation from American Muscle. Mustang Love was held in my old Pennsylvania stomping grounds at Maple Grove Dragway. Ford lent me a prototype BULLITT for the trip to make the weekend even more unforgettable. I learned so much about the BULLITT and the Ford Mustang Culture on that trip that it inspires me to this day.

I marvel, to this day, at the amazing sound many modern Mustangs make as they drive by. That gurgle and roar seem to be the classic sound of the five-liter internal combustion engine and the add-ons many owners make. Seems that tunnels are a great place to flip the throttle.

SHELBY GT500 at the Z Max Dragstrip
SHELBY GT500 at the Dragstrip


Aftermarket customization seems to be the lifeblood of the modern Mustang owner. The Ford Motor Company seems it missed that there is money to be made in customization and accessories for these much-beloved automobiles. Though I will say, they have done their best to offer more parts and accessories through their dealer network with their new full-size Ford Bronco. Let’s see if the big corporate operation can do it anywhere near as well as the smaller operations like American Muscle can do. My feeling is that the corporate will have trouble connecting to the consumer the way the smaller after-market operations can.

American Muscle

I learned that American Muscle (AM,) a Southeast Pennsylvania-based company that focuses primarily on the Mustang has a strong focus on helping Mustang enthusiasts with their builds and enjoyment of these pony cars. AM also offers aftermarket products for off-roading and trucks, though the iconic pony car and those that love them are their primary focus.

Spokesman or Spokes Model?

Justin Dugan, American Muscle’s YouTube Host

I met with AM’s YouTube Sensation Justin Dugan that day. He is the handsome guy who walks folks through informative builds on various Mustangs, customer cars, and ones owned and beloved by himself and other AM employees. Check out this video of an ongoing 2019 model build.

Justin is the front man who is seen at events and shows and hosts AM’s regular YouTube Channel videos.

What’s UP Now

I don’t think it is all ICE-powered Mustang. But, yes, there is a strong feeling towards the battery-powered electric cars and the fact that they carry the Mustang name. But the power and torque that the BEV Mach-e provides bring smiles and G-Forces!

Mustang Mach-e is just as celebrated by American Muscle as the iconic ICE pony cars are

It is a California Route 1 Edition. It is a rear-drive car, not all-wheel drive, and it does have the extended range battery pack,” says Justin. So how will the extra weight affect the track time? Will it do even to a burnout? Two runs later, Justin weighs in on the Mach-E’s performance. Informative, with a dose of fun on the side, AM’s new ‘Hot Lap’ episode is sure to fire up the comment section as viewers chime in with their view on whether the Mach-E is worthy of the Mustang name.

Check out AM’s video on the all battery-electric Ford Mustang Mach-e.

Builds Are the Heart of the Mustang Love

AM is on a mission to help muscle car enthusiasts turn their dream car into reality. Be it a simple 4-banger or massive throbbing V-8. Even the Mustang Mach-E is no exception. American Muscle’s YouTube channel shares a common passion for all things Mustang.

This is not a promotional post, just an update on American Muscle and the Mustang culture for those that love those American Pony Cars.

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