Fisker Ocean – First Look

Hendrick Fisker, a Danish-born automobile designer, has started a new automotive company to produce battery electric vehicles. Not to be confused with the first company he started that built high-performance sedans now sold under the Karma brand.

The Fisker Ocean Launch Edition was displayed at Domino Park in Brooklyn, NY.

The Fisker Ocean was on display at the August 2022 Pebble Beach Week in California and a week later had an east coast showing in both the Hamptons and Brooklyn, NY.

Upon seeing this all-electric SUV in Brooklyn in a park on the East River, my first impression of the Ocean Launch Edition with its glass solar panel roof open, all the windows down, including the small back “Doggie Window.” This four-door SUV-styled vehicle in beautiful Flat Blue paint was more mid-sized than I had expected. The front had hints of modern Range Rover design, and the interior is very sustainable and contemporary with its large rotatable front center display monitor. Sadly it was not available to drive.

Dogs and surfboards are classic California. Photo by Fisker Media

The car was displayed in “California Mode,” Fisker’s version of a convertible. At the push of a button, the eight glass panels open simultaneously. That includes a sizeable SolarSky roof and a glass solar panel exposing the front and second rows. This reminded me of an open roll cage if it were an off-roader.

Fisker Ocean’s front end has a lot of design energy from the Range Rover Evoke.


Inside is eco-friendly with a very cleanly designed, simple and straightforward look. Throughout the vehicle, Fisker has used sustainable, recycled, and ethically sourced upcycled materials that are now becoming more available and better-looking. High-grade upholstery carpets are made from recycled plastics. Like most modern vehicles, this is a bucket seat for 2 up front, and a bench seat for 3 in the 2nd row, with no 3rd-row availability on this model. The cargo area is significant enough to carry a surfboard out the back window. Which is to celebrate its Southern California lineage. Fisker is using environmentally friendly materials to help lower the carbon footprint of the overall manufacturing.

A 17.1-inch center touchscreen is rotatable. Vertically it works like any center screen you may be familiar with in today’s modern vehicles. Rotate it horizontally; it becomes a video entertainment screen. Above are photos from Fisker media.

SolarSky Roof

Fisker Ocean Launch Edition features a solar panel roof that slides back, giving the passengers an open-air experience.

Fisker Ocean in the Extreme and Launch Edition has a full-length moveable solar panel to generate energy to support the vehicle. It can produce up to 1500 clean, emission-free miles a year when fully exposed to the sun. Even more in ultra-sunny locations like southern California and Arizona. The other trim levels also feature glass roofs, though the lowest-price Sport model appears to be a fixed roof.


Battery: There are two battery configurations. On the base Sport, it is called Touring, with 250 miles of range. On higher trims, it is called Hyper; Ultra, you get 340 miles, and on the Extreme and One models, you get 350 miles. And yes, the battery can be configured as a residence or other application power source. This lithium-ion phosphate (LFP) batteries are supplied by CATL, based in China, and are a significant battery supplier to Tesla and other EV brands.

Fisker Ocean Big Sur Blue Matte in Rabbit Lake; power sliding, shot by Brian White from Fisker Media

Drive Motors: The base Sport comes with a single front wheel drive configuration, while the others are dual motor All-Wheel Drive with rear disconnect for more efficiency. Being electric, there are no gears per se, but there are drive modes of Earth, Fun, and Hyper in the upper trim models.


Produced in Austria a the Magna Steyr factory where iconic small batch vehicle production is done, think Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon, Toyota Supra/BMW Z4, Jaguar I-Pace, and others. However, this is an all battery-electric vehicle that is new from the ground up. And unlike the Toyota|BMW twins, it does not share its design with any other brand.

Fisker Ocean photo by Fisker Media

Pricing and Ordering

Orders for the Fisker Ocean began on July 1, and many were confirmed before the window closed on the $7500 US tax break. As of late August 2022, the upcoming 5000-unit production has been sold out. Order banks are expected to reopen once supplies and production capability are confirmed for more Ocean models to be built.

Pricing: Fisker Ocean Sport Starts at $37,499, Ocean Ultra at $49,999. In addition, Ocean Extreme is $68,999, and Ocean One – the Launch Edition is $68,999. Few options appear to be added besides paint and a few accessories. Though once the online configurator opens later this year, I expect there may be a few more available for purchase.

The Fisker Logo

Fisker logo courtesy of Fisker Media

Designed to look like watching a sunset on a California beach, the two vertical lines were the design tools used to create the vehicles.

The Fisker Ocean will be available worldwide. While the design was created in California, and there are about 200 employees based in the USA. Marketing and administration are based in California. In addition, outposts in India and elsewhere are being set up to support future vehicle production.

Who is Henrik Fisker

Fisker has brought out the all battery electric Ocean. Displaying it on both the West and East Coast of the USA in August of 2022.
Henrik Fisker. Photo courtesy of Fisker media

Born in Denmark in 1963, he was undoubtedly influenced by the SAAB his family had while growing up. Choosing a career in automotive design, he worked for BMW, where Henrik designed the Z8. Later working for Aston Martin, he created the DB9. He has also designed motorcycles and yachts.

His entrepreneurial spirit offered him the opportunity to start his first automotive business, which is now known as Karma. After leaving that, he created Fisker in 2016, with vehicle production commencing by the end of 2022.

William West Hopper with the Fisker Ocean Launch Edition

Words and Images by William West Hopper

Photos are by Mr. Hopper unless otherwise noted. Mr. Hopper journeyed five hundred miles on a late summer Sunday to experience the new all-battery-electric Fisker Ocean. Traveling from Washington DC to Brooklyn, New York, at his own expense. Mr. Hopper has a strong interest in emerging technologies, especially electric vehicles.


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