Have You Checked Out Our Queer4Cars YouTube Channel?

As we expand our coverage of cars and trucks and find out more about the automotive lifestyle, YouTube is a perfect way for Queer4Cars to share with you those stories. From our early days of filming with our android phone to today with an updated GoPro and RodeGo wireless microphone, things have changed but our passion and energy are still the same. Hey, we even opened up a second channel, The Real DCCarGuy to expand on our stories with a different perspective.

Check out these videos from Queer4Cars.

Six years ago, our very first video shot on our phone in a car with a professional racecar driver on a closed course.
Our first big view getter about the Free2Move shared car app turned out to be very helpful for all of us throughout the years. This service is still very much in action under the ownership of Stellantis now.
A video where Magnus Walker and Hannah Elliott sort of happened to join in.
Queer4Cars’s first media trip that produced a video for the channel.
Queer4Cars’s top-viewed video, well it is, after all a Ford Mustang Cobra.
A Queer4Cars short that has done quite well, and of course, it is the beloved Jeep Commando
Filmed in bitter cold weather, but a lot of fun because it was a pandemic get-a-way trip in a GMC
The most expensive car we have ever had to review and test the Bethley Continental GT V8
The very first Queer4Cars YouTube Channel review car – A blast to drive Subaru BRZ.
Our lowest priced car reviewed for the channel

And if you are looking for more videos check out our The Real DCCarGuy YouTube Channel, as well as our Queer4Travel travel channel on YouTube. Though we put this video up on our own personal channel.

A trip to the opening of the TWA Hotel at  Idlewild JFK Airport

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