Setting the Standard for Luxury Sedans – 2021 Genesis G80

It was not that long ago that Genesis was nothing more than an upscale part of the Hyundai model lineup. Now emerged from its cocoon, the brand has spread its wings, to become a much sought after and desired line of luxury cars.  From the sporty G70 available with a manual transmission to the luxurious G90, a full-size limousine-like sedan, and most recently the new GV80 Sport Utility Vehicle.

So, what makes this new G80 sedan a must-see?  The classic flowing styling and of course the technology, but most importantly, in Genesis style all at a most reasonable price.


Athletic Yet Elegant Design

2021 Genesis G80 in front of stone wallGenesis is going for the youth market and has styled the new G70 with that in mind. Doing that with a flowing body that has the elegance of the Mercedes-Benz lines with the athleticism of the new Hyundai Sonata. From the side, the sweeping and dramatic roofline is very Benz like, while the hood has the Sonata’s upward sweep.

The G80 features a distinctive crest grille and double-lined quad headlamps, extending throughout the car to the taillights. Fenders emphasize toned muscularity and large up-fitted 20-inch wheels.  The dashes of chrome are just enough jewelry to provide sparkle though understated enough not to be flashy. You will notice more quad styling in the tail lamps and the distinctive side vents, which appear to be side-signal lamps and of course dual exhaust in the rear, a signature of power.


Rear Wheel Drive Platform

For years the front-wheel drive has been pushed, claiming efficiency and better traction, while the rear-wheel-drive has been favored by racecars for power and control.  The 2021 G80 sits aboard a third-generation rear-wheel-drive platform providing a lower center of gravity and improved stability. Minimizing the A-pillar thickness and using new lightweight materials (19 percent of the body being made of aluminum) provides enhanced driver visibility and improved fuel economy.

2021 Genesis G80 Left Rear View

Powertrain Options

The G80 features three powertrains engineered for world markets including a diesel that is not available in the USA.

  • 5-liter turbocharged Inline-4: 304 PS (300 HP @ 5,800 rpm) and 43.0 kgf·m torque (311 lb.-ft. from 1,650 – 4,000 rpm)
  • 5-liter turbocharged V6: 380 PS (375 HP @ 5,800 rpm) and 54.0 kgf·m torque (391 lb.-ft. from 1,300 – 4,500 rpm)
  • Diesel 2.2-liter Inline-4: 210 PS, 45.0 kgf·m torque. (Not available in the U.S. market)


Interior Elegance and Spaciousness

The 2021 G80’s architecture providing the driver, a panoramic view of the road both forward and rearward. The driver’s seat is equipped with an ergo motion seat function featuring seven air cells which enable optimum seating for each driving mode and reducing fatigue via a stretching mode and automatic posture correction functions.  Rear headroom and legroom have been increased by lowering the seating height of the second row.

Optimizing the layout and aesthetics of the interior was key for the Korean design team, with a focus on luxurious surfaces that are calming to the eye, touch, and feel. Improved sound insulation, door sealing and resonate sound-reducing wheels ensure class-leading quietness in this sedan. From a sound standpoint, Genesis has enhanced the engine’s sound with its Active Sound Design (ASD), standard on all G80s equipped with gasoline engines.

2021 Genesis G80 dashboard
2021 Genesis G80 dashboard offers flowing lines, with top-quality materials.

The steering wheel is set up with controls on the lower half and better visibility topside with the number of hard buttons and switches kept to a minimum. a rotary-operated electronic shift, as well as touch and write Integrated Controller allows users to set destinations or enter phone numbers by simply writing on the main control center instead of complicated keyboard input.

Leather seating and steering wheel surfaces, soft-touch fabrics and coatings as well as open-pore wood trim complete the interior. Ambient mood lamps applied throughout the interior add a sense of calm to the passenger space in various colors. The Lexicon sound system allows passengers to enjoy the vivid sound effects of a concert, such as “Quantum Logic Surround Audience Mode/Stage Mode,” adding to the joy of listening. The first row HVAC system allows the driver to adjust the heated/ventilated seats in the second row and the air conditioning mode/temperature independently of the first row, increasing the convenience for second-row passengers.

2021 Genesis G80 Front On view
The new light and grille styling of the G80 makes a distinctive statement. Notice the Flag style rearview mirrors for added safety.

Technology More Than A Mobile Phone

It was not long ago that the term technology in a vehicle means that a mobile phone would easily connect to the vehicle. Today technology has moved well beyond that, though of course phone connectivity includes Android Auto and Apple Car Play, as well as Over-the-air, wireless updates to the navigation system.

The new G80 has a heads-up display, a 12.3-inch 3D (can be converted to 2D) instrument cluster recognizes the driver’s eyes and provides various driving information. The 14.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system to provide all the information need while driving, links with the Genesis Integrated Controller to support Genesis Quick Guide and Valet mode The steering wheel is designed with the controls in the lower half leaving the upper half open for better visibility.

An Electronically controlled suspension has Road Preview, which enhances ride quality by reducing road impacts using information supplied from the front camera. The Remote Smart Parking Assistant (RSPA) provides remote drive/reverse functions that facilitate parking in narrow spaces, as well as perpendicular parking and parallel parking. This can be controlled within the car or outside, remotely via the key fob.


Genesis is Committed to Safety

The G80 has standard active and passive safety systems as part of the Genesis commitment to the safety of the passengers in the vehicle, including ten front and side airbags including a center airbag between the driver and front passenger helping prevent secondary contact in a side impact.

State-of-the-art, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) include:

  • Highway Driving Assist II (HDA II): Assists the driver in a wide variety of situations, including during lane change maneuvers when the turn signal is used, and when other vehicles merge in front of you.
  • Smart Cruise Control with Machine Learning (SCC-ML): incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) within the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) feature that helps the car to independently learn the driving characteristics of – and assist – its driver.
  • Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA): This system may help detect potential collision risks in certain situations where a pedestrian is sensed in close proximity to the vehicle while in motion. And automatically bring the G80 to a stop in certain situations where there is a risk of collision with an approaching vehicle detected on the left or right side of the intersection.
  • Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA): BCA is a Blind Spot Monitor with active capabilities. BCA helps reduce the chance of potential impact with a moving vehicle and may alert the driver if a vehicle is detected in the driver’s blind-spot


Specifications for the 2021 Genesis G80 Sedan

Overall Length (mm/in.) 4,995 / 196.7
Width (mm/in.) 1,925 / 75.8
Height (mm/in.) 1,465 / 57.7
Wheelbase (mm/in.) 3,010 / 118.5
Drive RWD / AWD
Engine Gasoline 2.5 T Gasoline 3.5 T Diesel 2.2
2,497 3,470 2,151
(PS / HP)
304 / 300 380 / 375 210 / –
(kgf·m / lb.-ft.)
43 / 311 54 / 391 45 / –

The new 2021 G80 virtually announced in Korea,  has plans for US deliveries coming in the 4th quarter of 2020.  You may build your 2021 Genesis G80 today and reserve it for delivery here in the USA.

Information for this post was interpreted from the 2021 Genesis G80 March 2020 Press Event and associated press release along with photos supplied from Genesis.



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