The 3-Row Range Rover from Land Rover

It is newly redesigned with much more technology and luxury than before.

Range Rover has long been the epitome of British elegance. Even the late Queen Elizabeth was often seen behind the wheel of one. No doubt, with her military training as a mechanic, she could have probably even worked under the hood of one. I have to say I found this 2023 Range Rover P400 Long Wheelbase a delightful ride, even with a few limitations that an SUV that costs over one hundred thousand dollars should not have.

Range Rover is the upscale model within the historic Land Rover line that debuted in 1970. Landy’s, as the brand is affectionately known by devotes, was developed in the middle of the 20th century, from a simple drawing in the sand of a Welsh Beach in 1947 to be a go-anywhere vehicle. Since those early days when Land Rovers were made of aluminum and were often seen traversing lands under British rule.

Today, Land Rover is owned by Tata Motors of India and has a long history of ownership from British Leyland, BMW, and Ford. While early models were never known for creature comforts, that has changed in this modern world, and for sure in the 2023 Range Rover.

The design and ergonomics of the 2023 vehicle are top-notch. The elegant and classic design builds on the original boxy design and is surely more luxurious than the original Rover. While the 2023 exterior styling is more sweeping, making it appear to be not as big as it really is. This is a big 3-row SUV. Flush deployable door handles and heated power fold exterior mirrors with auto-dimming approach lights are just one of the many standard features. Our tester was equipped with upgraded features such as a sliding panoramic glass roof, and premium LED headlights with auto high beam assist, and signature DRLs. As well as black brake calipers along with the 23-inch wheels and tires.


Power is provided by a 3-liter inline six-cylinder twin-turbo that provides 395 horsepower with 406-lb ft of torque transferred through an 8-speed automatic transmission. I found this to be more than adequate to power this vehicle, though if you were towing a trailer, a larger engine would be preferable. The fuel economy that I experienced was right around 20 miles per gallon on 91-octane premium fuel. Acceleration is 0 to 60 mph in 5.8 seconds with a maximum speed of 150 mph.

Towing Hauling

The P400 Range Rover is equipped to tow a 7716-pound braked trailer or 1653-pound unbraked one with Trailer Stability assist and the electrical connections built in. It also has cameras that help guide you in hooking up and understanding where the trailer is on the road behind you. The P400 is capable of carrying a maximum roof load of 220 pounds.

The Range Rover really benefits from standard all-wheel steering providing excellent maneuverability in tight parking situations and a tight turning radius, which is a great benefit for any vehicle.


Behind the wheel is a great experience. Switchgear and gauges are where you want them to be and within easy reach. Seating in the Caraway perforated Windsor leather 20-way multi-setting seats that are both heated and cooled. The multi-function steering wheel is covered in grain leather and is electrically adjustable. The Range Rover really benefits from standard all-wheel steering providing excellent maneuverability in tight parking situations and a tight turning radius, which is a great benefit for any vehicle.

The second and third tow seats also feature a lot of luxuries; the 2nd-row can recline, and each rear door switch to control the sunshade on the glass roof and side door privacy shades. Which may become great fun for kids as they taunt their seatmates. The third row is surprisingly comfortable as it is heated and features plenty of cubby spaces as well as power outlets. Even with the 3rd-row seat in place, there is still plenty of cargo room. And with that third row down, there is a lot of space, which opens up even more with the 60/40 2nd-row seats available to be folded down independently.

The 13.1-inch infotainment system features a touchscreen with Piv Pro wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto, as well as Voice Control. We found mentioning the word Range Rover in the car often activated the voice control, though having wireless device connections means one less cord floating about the cabin.  There are also USB and 12-Volt power sockets throughout the cabin.

Other nice-to-have items are heated washer jets, rain-sensing windshield wipers, headlight washers, and automatic headlight leveling. There are a lot of little luxuries in the Range Rover that enhance the overall experience.

What I found that could be improved

The Range Rover is a very high off-the-ground SUV, and with its air suspension, you can lower it, but not so much that it would be easy for someone with a disability to get into the vehicle. While the P400 Range Rover has a lot of tech on board, like self-parking and plenty of cameras, I found it did not have the basic cross-traffic awareness that many lesser-priced vehicles come standard with.

When opening the rear doors and wanting to put down the 2nd-row seats, all you can do it move them forward for entry to the 3rd-row, but no way to easily drip the back of those 2nd-row seats without going to the rear hatch, where there are controls that drop the 2nd-row seat backs so they go flat.


First, let us start with the pricing – it begins for 2023 at $106,500 US Dollars and goes up from there depending on options and equipment. Since JLR did not give us a Moroni Sticker on this vehicle, doing the build-your-own on the Land Rover website, It looks like this vehicle, with its glass roof and 23-inch wheels, would set you back closer to $120K.  And that is just a start; it can escalate well up to over $150K if it is optioned out.

Overall Thoughts

The P400 Range Rover Long Wheelbase is a wonderful vehicle, and it should be for well over one-hundred thousand dollar price tag. Most who buy this vehicle are looking for the prestige that the vehicle offers. It is a Rolls or a Bentley SUV without the over-the-top nameplate. While you can get a full-size 3-row SUV with a lot of what the Rover has and some things it does not have, and you can get it for less than the six-figure price tag that the P400 has.

Would I buy this vehicle? As much as I enjoyed it, it would not fit my lifestyle, so I would not. I would prefer to buy the Land Rover Defender; you can watch a review on YouTube here

Words and photos by William West Hopper

William West Hopper at the National Press Club in Washington DC
William West Hopper opening a Washington Automotive Press Association Meeting at the National Press Club in Washington DC.

Mr. Hopper has long been an automotive enthusiast and is the President Emeritus of the Washington Automotive Press Association. He leads VIP tours and other programs at the annual Washington DC Auto Show. You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter.


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