A Tale of Two Sporty Cars Under $30K


2016 Subaru BRZ Hyper Blue Edition
2016 Subaru BRZ HyperBlue Edition

As the summer came to a close, both a Hyundai Veloster RSpec and a Subaru BRZ Hyper-Blue Series were delivered back-to-back, giving me a chance to compare these two under $30K 6-Speed Manual 4-cylinder powered sports cars. Each very different vehicles, both aimed at the younger enthusiast oriented driver, and quite available to folks of an older age.

The 2016 Hyundai Veloster R-Spec in Pacific Blue. A lot of fun for very little dough!
The 2016 Hyundai Veloster RSpec.

While both were blue in color, each one was as different as their azure color. Both have plenty of power from 4-cylinder engines. The BRZ has a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter premium fueled Boxer Engine that Subaru is so well known for, the Veloster a smaller 1.6 dual-spool turbo (axis) that runs on regular fuel. Both 4-seaters, the BRZ a classic 2-door with a trunk, and the Veloster an unconventional 3-door hatchback. Both share limited rear passenger headroom, the Veloster offers leg room for the rear seat passengers, where in the BRZ to provide back seat legroom involves taking it from those in the front.


Onboard technology; the Veloster has a multi-display dash easily controllable from the steering wheel, and a 7” center stack screen that provides information on vehicle operation as well as the audio system.  The BRZ is very driver-centric, with the tachometer being front and center, and the speedometer off to the side, but also shown digitally so you know, that you are exceeding the speed limit. The BRZ provided basic info, mileage, mpg’s, but not a complete suite of information like the Veloster’s cluster did, which provided on both the dash and center display. Both vehicles featured all the latest from side-curtain airbags, backup camera, and very visible LED lighting.


Interior design, both used materials that were nice to the touch, with a layout that was focused on the driver, and bolstered sports seats. In layout and design, the BRZ was more race-car inspired, while the Veloster is more mainstream as a sporty vehicle. Both cars have touch screens in the center stack, the Veloster required less distraction from the road to use it, mostly due to the having the controls on the steering wheel, while the 2016 BRZ did not have controls on the steering wheel, the 2017 model does. I find having those controls located on the steering wheel helped the driver keep their eyes on the road.

So where is the difference in the two BLUE Sports Cars? Design, Price, and Drivability, would be the answer. Design: BRZ is the more classic sports car with the long hood, with an interior that favors the driver and front seat passenger with small cargo space. While the Veloster design is like a drop of water in the wind, with interior space for driver and all passengers and cargo area that can be expanded by putting the rear seats down. The BRZ wins for a sexy sleek design, while the Veloster wins for functionality.

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Drive Train: Veloster RSpec features a 1.6 turbo that runs on regular fuel, which gives it plenty of pep to a six speed transmission which gives it plenty of control, and front wheel drive, which can be a bit temperamental, (tire spin). The BRZ has a powerful 2.0 Boxer premium fueled engine, that shifts through the 6 speed manual with ease. The rear wheel drive is more of a conventional enthusiast sports car.  While I liked both cars for performance, I felt more exhilarated by the Veloster in performance.

On-board Technology: Both feature center mounted touch screens, the BRZ’s 6.2” provides basic infotainment information and connects to your phone for Bluetooth operation, while the Veloster’s 7” provides infotainment and vehicle operation, as well as Bluetooth telephony. Both dashboard clusters feature analog gauges, the Veloster’s info screens give more info than you need. The BRZ features a basic digital speed display, odometer, fuel economy, nothing fancy.

Price: Veloster is the lower priced of the two with a delivered price of $22425. BRZ HyperBlue Series at $28,485. Both have lesser and higher cost options, depending on how you equip the vehicle. Long term value, insurance value, and deprecation have not been considered, but for just the numbers, the Veloster wins this by rolling off the dealer’s lot six-thousand dollars cheaper.

Drivability:  While neither would be a choice for a long road trip, due to their tight sports suspension and race-style bucket seats. Both are a lot of fun to drive with the 6 speed, and even with 4-cylinder engines have plenty of power band for routine driving. The BRZ has a noisier cabin, with road and gear noise from the mechanicals. The Veloster was a bit smoother ride with a quieter cabin. My choice here would be the Veloster, even though the driver’s seat was uncomfortably tight on my derriere’.

Flash and Noticeability, the BRZ in the Hyper-Blue Series trim with black spoke wheels drew plenty of attention where ever it went. The Veloster slipped by with a bit more obscurity. BRZ for the win here.

Over all, both are a lot of fun to drive. If you are a tight-wad like I am, the Veloster is my choice. But the BRZ has a lot to offer, though at a higher cost.

Words and images by William West Hopper

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