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The Enviable Proper British Bloke – The Land Rover Discovery HSE Luxury Td6

Land Rover Classic
Classic Land Rover Prototype, Photo by Land Rover

Check out our Queer4Cars YouTube Video on the Land Rover Discovery HSE Td6

How does today’s refined Land Rover Discovery live up to the reputation of the great British trekker brand? One known for rugged adventure over all terrain in exotic places? The Land Rover brand has become synonymous with sophisticated luxury and has become an aspirational luxury car for many suburbanites, and it can tow and explore like the Royal leader it is.

Mom Envy

Land Rover Discovery parked in a suburban setting
Land Rover Discovery parked in a suburban setting

The first thing that I heard as I got into the 2018 Land Rover Discovery parked on my suburban Washington DC Street, was how envious the local Moms will be as this is the SUV to aspire too. Moms are one tough demographic to make happy, so the Disco has a tough job on its hands. I asked a local Mom who owns one to go for a spin with me. The first question was: “What model is this?”  My response was, “You drive one of these, and I hear this is the car that all the Mom’s in the ‘hood want.” “No, this one is much nicer than mine, Mine is very basic.” Indeed, they turned out to be very similar, just a year and a trim line apart.

A local Dad, the owner of a five-year-old Ford Explorer, commented on the similarities of touch feel and operation of this model to the upline classic American SUV. Finding out that much of the drive controls were similar showed me that though Ford’s ownership was a number of years past, the influence is still strong today, and in many ways timeless. Which is good for a brand that had the reputation of being in the shop more than it was on the road.

Land Rover Diesel Cap
Running the bad-boy diesel engine returned great fuel mileage.

Driving the Discovery around town as well as taking it on an extended highway trip shows this is one comfortable cruiser, even for its large size. Did I mention that this test model was powered by a turbo diesel engine?



Diesel Driver Envy

Land Rover Discovery at an Exxon Diesel Synergy Pump
Discovery returned 30 plus miles per gallon on diesel.

Almost as soon as I pulled into a country fueling station, and the first thing I heard when I got out to pump, “Is that a diesel?” from a bearded, big pickup driving local. “That is the quietest diesel I have ever heard.” Which generated a long discussion of what diesels he had owned. “I used to have that,” he said proudly, though with a sense of sadness in his voice as a Ford Power Stroke® pulled in behind us, loudly clattering away. I shared with him that the Land Rover was at one time owned by Ford. That made him smile, as he jumped back into his mud covered burly pickup.

Td6 Land Rover Diesel engine
The Td6 Land Rover Diesel engine

While here in the USA, diesel engines are thought to be for trucks and the oddball who wants one in a luxury car has only a few options. Land Rover has put this bad-boy of automotive engines to work in its line up including the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. The diesel-powered Discovery Td6 achieves 21 mpg city 26 highway with a combined 22.5 combined fuel economy for the powerful 254HP 3.0-liter turbocharged V-6 diesel engine.  And this diesel is tow-ready with the Rover® Tow Package, 7,716 lbs maximum permissible towing capacity.  class two hitch and all the connections

Pristine and Refined

Left Rear Side of Land Rover Discovery
The slab rear flanks of the Land Rover Discovery looked right for the size vehicle it is.

No doubt Land Rovers have seen their share of muck boots, Wellies, and fine leather, as this is the brand of choice for the equestrian crowd. And with the towing capacity of this diesel-powered Landy, it could easily have been towing a horse trailer to field trails, fox hunts, and horse shows. Though back at the stable any number of farm pickups would be keeping the barn’s field operation in motion.



What we liked

Land Rover Discovery Digital Dash
The digital dash of the Discovery was very informative, though the in-depth review was not easy while driving.

What is not to like about the elegance of Land Rover’s line of vehicles?  A British Icon that was granted a Royal Warrant in 1951 and has been providing rugged off-road capable vehicles since. Today the brand is part of Jaguar Land Rover with that added luxury, an air of elegance, on top of the proven Land Rover toughness, Rovers attract owners of an income level who are less concerned about the cost of ownership and more about the sense of luxurious style the brand offers.

Classic Landy’s as they are called from the original British Leyland era are quite collectible and still on the road due to their aluminum bodies and determined mechanics who keep them running. You even see models from the years they were thought to be mechanical nightmares because Land Rover owners love them so much, and do not want to part with one.

Overall Fit and Finish

Land Rover Discover Center Console
Lots of controllability with the Discovery, from ride height to all-wheel drive.

We were quite impressed with this vehicle. The fit and finish, as well as the quality of materials, are top notch. While we heard from other auto journalists that the slab rear loins of the vehicle were a bit chunky, it did not appear out of proportion to our eye, considering that it covered a large well-appointed interior that had a very good use of space.

We liked the design of both the exterior and interior and especially the feel of the dash material. And impressed with the thought that went into the storage areas and power outlets throughout the vehicle. Heated and cooled seats are available in the front, middle and the third row. Up front, seats with a massage function and 16-way adjustment are also available. Since this is a family vehicle, a total of four ISOFIX mounting points make it possible to fit child safety seats in the rearmost row.  And for those who do not require the added versatility of folding third-row seats, Discovery comes standard in a five-seat, 2-row configuration.

land rover discovery 3rd row seats up
With the 3rd row seats in place, there is not much cargo space in the discovery.

With three rows of seats, the second row slides forward and backward allowing access to the Discovery’s distinctive high roof and trademark stadium seating in the third row. This allows for even for 74.8” tall passengers to sit comfortably with visibility as well as leg and shoulder room.


Driveability of the vehicle

land rover 21 inch goodyear tire
The discovery rides on 21-inch good year tires

While this vehicle is roomy on the inside and large on the outside, 195.7 in. long, 87.4 in. wide (mirrors out) and 72.7 in. tall. The Discovery rides capably on large 21-inch tires. We found driveability and highway handling excellent, tracking well and holding the road, and very maneuverable with a tight 40.4-foot turning radius. Visibility is very good on the vehicle in tight spaces or out on the open road, with plenty of glass space, and the added modern safety feature of cameras and sensors.

A taut suspension is quite comfortable even on rough roads, and the Four-Corner Air Suspension adjustable advanced integral-link rear suspension system suspension makes it easy to get in and out of and provides adjustable ride height for on and off-road conditions.

land rover discovery cargo control panel
Control the 3rd-row seats as well as the rear air suspension with this controller in the Discovery.

Air suspension is designed to improve on-road ride quality and greater capability when off-roading. The automatic system is able to vary between two ride heights of +1.57 in. and +2.95 in. At speeds below 31mph the +2.95 in. the setting is available; for faster speeds on rutted dirt roads, between 31- 50mph the vehicle will operate at +1.57 in. A new Speed Lowering function cuts drag and enhanced fuel economy by automatically reducing the ride height at cruising speeds above 65mph. Other functions include enhanced tuning to prevent the suspension from lowering in deep wading conditions, as well as preventing belly-out situations where the center of the vehicle rests on the ground.

Permanent four-wheel drive with standard locking center differential and Terrain Response™, optional locking rear differential provided traction no matter the weather or terrain.


land rover discovery 3rd row seat view
Discovery’s 3rd-row seat sits higher than the first and second row.

Front seats were extremely comfortable, while the 2nd and 3rd were hard and plank-like.  The third row is not easy to crawl into, though with its raised stadium style seating once back there you have a commanding view of the cabin, being higher, over the rear axle than the 2nd or 1st row. This is the reason for the trademark Land Rover stepped up Roofline, giving 3rd-row passengers headroom. Both rear seating rows had access to power and to HVAC controls, as well as plenty of storage, and heated seats. Nice Touch!

What we found odd and irritating

land rover discovery display screen
The Landy’s very detailed and in-depth screens were sometimes hard to drill down to get the info you needed quickly.

The unintuitive controls, and very in-depth on-screen menus.  This is not a vehicle that you want to try and figure out what the different controls do while driving, as they can distracting as they are long and involved.  The start-stop button is large, just that it is hidden behind the right side of the steering wheel, and a smaller button that opens a cubby button behind the center dash is visible, we found ourselves opening that cubby when thinking it was the start-stop button.


land rover discovery sales sticker and key
We got great fuel mileage from the Discovery, better than the sticker stated.

The unpredictability of turning the engine off after putting the vehicle into park, sometimes, it would just decide on its owns to shut the engine off beyond just pushing the ignition start-stop button, and do it without rhyme or reason. Maybe it was because we had done something else that told the vehicle to shut down, never quite figured that out. Speaking of random, recognition of the key fob was intermittent. Sometimes the key would be behind a phone in a pocket, and by pulling would be enough for the car to recognize it. It could have needed a new fob battery.


Land Rover logo in the Velar
Land Rover is known the world over

Land Rover Dealers have been focused on the brand through thick and thin, and through a number of corporate owners. Now Land Rover/Range Rover is owned by Tata along with Jaguar, a very focused group who are making the brand better with each vehicle they produce.




Let us not forget the Royal Land Rover

70 years of Land Rover
First designed in 1948 Land Rovers have been trekking the world for 70-years.

launched in 1948 and simply called Land Rover, the design for the original vehicle was started in 1947 by Maurice Wilks with early choices limited to various shades of light green colour as dictated by supplies of military surplus aircraft cockpit paint. Land Rover was granted a Royal Warrant by King George VI. Since then you often see the brand being used by Royalty the world over.





cargo space in the land rover discovery
With the 3-row down, there is plenty of room for cargo in the Land Rover Discovery.

The essence of the brand, you have to like what you drive, and driving a Land Rover has some cache to it, a brand that has contoured and explored the world. We found ourselves at home in the 2018 Land Rover Discovery. For $68K, you get a powerful and attractive vehicle that has a timeless design, and with the diesel powerplant, a great tow vehicle. Take it to the stable, off road, the concert hall, or to the school carpool line, sign us up, we will be glad to drive this one again.

Words and Images(except where noted) by William West Hopper.

Land Rover USA provided us the opportunity to test drive this vehicle for a week-long evaluation to produce this report. We were not compensated for this article.




Big, Burly, & Handsome, the Nissan Titan X D 4X4 Diesel Pickup Truck!

How does shopping for a full-size pickup truck compare to the reality show The Bachelor? The smart, well educated, girl, can have her choice of any one of a number of strapping, macho, attractive, strong, and smart, men. Just like today’s pickup buyer.

The 2016 Nissan Titan XD SL 4WD CC in Deep Blue Pearl w/ running board lights and splash guards out in the fields of New York State.
The 2016 Nissan Titan X D SL 4WD CC in Deep Blue Pearl w/ running board lights and splash guards off road in the fields of New York State.


We went out on a date with the 2016 Nissan 4×4, Titan X D SV CC, powered by a Cummins 5.0 L V-8 Turbo Diesel.  “It’s BIG!” “and thirsty” was the comment I heard from a colleague. Before the truck arrived, I thought, great, I will have a huge fuel bill!  Heavy duty pickups are not required to list fuel consumption on the sticker, though we were impressed with the mid 19 mpg with the Titan with the Turbo Diesel engine averaged. Impressive for a truck of this size and with the Nissan’s new square shouldered styling.


The 5.0 Liter V-8 Cummins Turbo Diesel Engine powering the 2016 Nissan Titan XD SL 4WS CC
The 5.0 Liter V-8 Cummins Turbo Diesel Engine powering the 2016 Nissan Titan X D SL 4WS CC, delivered 19 plus mile per gallons over an 1100 plus mile trip at a variety of speeds.

Big, and Strong, is not a bad thing when you have to do the hard work this truck has been designed for: hauling, towing, all the while carrying five full sized passengers. While we never asked the Titan to flex its muscles, we could see them bulging and ready whenever we needed them. Everywhere it went the Titan got looks of admiration, and sometimes, jealousy from other diesel pickup drivers.

The Nissan Titan XD and the Ford F250 Heavy Duty are the same size.
The Nissan Titan X D and the Ford F250 Heavy Duty are the same size. Both feature a lot of chrome on their grills.


While a truck this size is most at home where there is plenty of space, it also was well mannered in town. We used the front and rear parking sensors and a rear camera to help guide it into tight spaces along the quaint streets of Cooperstown and Sharon Springs, in New York State. Taking this big-boy out on unpaved country roads, as well off road across a farmer’s field, was a lot of fun.

Everywhere we went, the Titan made us feel safe and secure within its comfortable cab. The off road, the heavy duty suspension and four-wheel drive came in handy. During a particularly rough summer storm that shut down the interstate we were driving along, the Titan’s size and weight gave us a feeling of comfort in the midst of a raging rain and hail that had other vehicles pulled over to the roadside waiting for the storm to pass.

Inside we really appreciated the seating for five full-size men, with Man-Cave heated leather Captain’s Chairs with 8-Way Power Driver’s Seat w/Adjustable Lumbar Support and 4-Way Power Passenger Seat, and a 60/40 split Rear Flip Bench Seat. No seat fatigue in these extremely comfortable seats, even after hours of a long drive. Though power outlets were limited, with a single USB  on the dash.

The Nissan Titan XD features Leather Captain's Chairs w/heated seats. 8-Way Powerd Driver Seat w/ Adjustable Lumbar, and 4-Way Power Passenger Seat.
The Nissan Titan X D features Leather Captain’s Chairs w/heated seats. 8-Way Powerd Driver Seat w/ Adjustable Lumbar, and 4-Way Power Passenger Seat.

It was nice to have a 110v in the rear, and 3 old style lighter outlets for chargers, which meant you need USB adapters if you wanted to plug modern devices. Big boys like to have cup holders, and the Titan has four large gulp sized ones, two for the front and 2 for the dudes in the rear bench seat.(That third guy will have to hold his.) That rear seat is not skimpy, while it is not as ample as the front seats, it is still large enough for the guys. When not in use, you could fold it back for carrying things in the cab, or use it as a platform. Underneath the rear seats featured small, partitioned lockable compartments.

Speaking of interior storage, the center console is very large, enough to fit a lap-top in, with plenty of cubbies in and around the console as well as on both the driver and passenger door pocket, bigger than simple map pockets, that will fit log books or other things. And a normal size glove box. A well detailed dash and controls, no funny modern gear shifter here! The Titan features a trusted, olde style, steering column mounted shift lever with a tow mode and manual gear select to control the Alsin®6-Speed Automatic. When you wanted to go from 2-wheel drive into 4WD or 4-Lo, it is simple to control with the dash mounted rotary dial for the Shift-on-the-Fly system.

The Titan’s Sight lines were excellent, we could see everything around us with the extendable and heated outboard side mirrors. This ensured you saw all the little cars sneaking up beside you. Blind spots were few, except right beside the truck’s front fenders. Though parking in normal parking spaces took some practice. Sometimes big guys don’t fit in small spaces.

The Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 (front) and the Nissan Titan XD (Rear,) are both full size 4X4 Pickup trucks and take up plenty of space.
The Chevrolet Silverado 4×4 (front) and the Nissan Titan X D (Rear,) are both full size 4X4 Pickup trucks and take up plenty of space.

While we did not put the Titan to work as a heavy hauler, this big boy was built with an integrated gooseneck receiver as well as a class IV hitch receiver mounted under the rear bumper. Combine that with a trailer light check and brake management system from inside the vehicle, and extendable, folding, heated, tow mirrors, and you are ready to tow just about anything out there. The factory installed bedliner combined with the Util-track® system with 4 adjustable Tie-Down cleats, and plenty of LED lighting, in the bed, under the step rails, even a puddle light built into the mirrors, to make loading at night simple and safe.

The bed of the Nissan Titan XD Pickup has a factory installed spray-on bedliner, and a factory built, integrated Gooseneck hitch receiver, as well as a Class IV hitch receiver on the rear frame.
The bed of the Nissan Titan X D Pickup has a factory installed spray-on bedliner, and a factory built, integrated Gooseneck hitch receiver, as well as a Class IV hitch receiver on the rear frame.

No American truck is complete without big tires and nice wheels, the Titan is rolling on twenties, with nice looking factory rims, and a full-size spare tire. To make sure you see the Titan has bright headlamps, low mounted fog/driving lights and LED lights all over the truck..

Nissan Titan XD features On/Off headlights, with integrated DRL's, Fog lights, and LED lighting.
Nissan Titan X D features On/Off headlights, with integrated DRL’s, Fog lights, and LED lighting.

So while you have a lot of big strong good looking trucks to choose from, the Nissan Titan X D is worth a look if you want a full-sized heavy duty pickup that has a lot of niceties and is pretty to look at.

Check out Nissan’s website or a dealer near you for more information.

Just as we turned this 4-door cab Titan back, Nissan released a 2-door cab version, more like the work trucks of old. Still full of the goodies and extras we like, outfitted with the V-8 engine (gas or diesel), and full-size pickup bed. Just without the extra interior space of the rear seating area. So now there is a Nissan Titan in a couple of muscular sizes to fit your needs.

An update from Nissan, is that the 2017 Titan and Titan X D models will come with a bumper to bumper 5-year 100K mile waranty. So this hot hunk of truck, and his family will be committed to you for a good long while. When a manufacturer puts this kind of warranty behind their vehicle, you know it is going to be a long lasting vehicle.


The author William West Hopper with the 2016 Nissan Titan XD SL 4WD CC Pickup.
The author William West Hopper with the 2016 Nissan Titan X D SL 4WD CC Pickup.

    Photos and article by:      William West Hopper