2017 Kia Cadenza Limited Full Review

Always great to see something about Kia, a line of vehicles that many have not taken seriously in the past. And of course to see our friends over at POSH Cars having some fun on four-wheels.

Posh Cars

This past years worth of automobile offerings have brought on some pretty intense competition, and Kia’s next iteration of the Cadenza is no exception!


Ascetically my first impressions were a bit mixed. I love the size and overall shape, but the snout initially had me a little conflicted. Over the coming weeks I had payed closer attention to model year ’17 Cadenza’s, and I will say, I pray none of you live in states that mandate front license plates. The design of the front end has become an absolute lust of mine, and a license plate bracket just thrusts a dagger into my heart (although its already cold) . My press car as shown is Platinum Graphite, over White Nappa Leather, a combination that is no longer shown as an available combination from kia.com, which is unfortunate.


Powered by a 3.3L direct injection V6 producing an eager 290hp and a…

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